Friday, February 24, 2006

Mischa Barton Paris Hilton beef

I always love to read thesuperficial blog.. great humor, faboulous stories, even better reader comments. So I thought that I'd start my blog off by linking to a story that I found particularly entertaining. Its about the Paris Hiltonish self-proclaimed beef that she has with Mischa Barton, the less hotter co-star of Rachel Bilson on the O.C.

Mischa apparently fell out of Paris's circle of friends when she began dating Kimberly Stewart's ex-fiance, Cisco Adler. Barton was initially confused about all the animosity, but eventually just called Paris, among other things, "insecure and hungry for publicity."

One of the comments on that blog decided to elaborate:
You sure the article didn't say, "Mischa fell out of Paris' legs"?

Because firstly - those things are always open, and I'm positive lots of things fall out of there every day - old tires, telephone books, wads of cash, wads of other stuff, and people much larger than Mischa Barton.

And secondly - I'm pretty sure Paris Hilton doesn't know what a circle is.


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